Episode 83: Do It Yourself

This weeks’s questioner likes to Make Things, and despite the enjoyment they derive from this, their swearing and behaviour while doing so resembles that of a particularly sexually-aggressive chimpanzee. What, then, to do? Why, dear listener, to fix it.

Featuring a special guest: a very loud laptop fan!

Episode 82: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We’ve all watched enough holiday specials to know that you can make your own traditions, that family is where you find it, and not to touch any creek bodies you find - no matter how tempting - lest you get framed for an escalating series of brutal murders. This week’s questioner struggles with that first thing - specifically how to carry on a Christmas tradition without one of its participants.

Episode 79: Analysis

A superabundance of willing twinkflesh brings with it a hefty helping of people who are in need of fixing and so they turn, not to us, but to this week’s questioner, who would like to return to a rigorous schedule of nobbing without all the troublesome feelings. We’re here to help. It’s what we do.

Episode 75: Something To Talk About

This week's fixee has issues with a chatty colleague. How to find that sweet spot where they talk a lot less than they do now, but without anyone being brought up on murder charges? Will this special four-fixer special episode sort it right out?

Right out.

Episode 73: Afternoon delight

Our questioner this week struggles with the asymmetric horn. Not some kooky-but-truculent species of goat. If only t'were so simple.

No, they are vexed by a relationship mismatch of morning and evening friskiness.

Can we help? Why of course...

(Apologies for some auditory oddities on this week's episode. We think it's just lost souls howling through the galvanic ether, but it could also have been Roger's dodgy WiFi)