Episode 100: Sign O' The Times

This week’s questioner hates the rash of “humourous” signs that accompany British protest culture, and they insist that we do something about it. And while we don’t make the laws - yet - there are some things we can offer to help get this infestation under control.

And with 100 episodes under our belts, the powers that be have given us a few months, a handful of precious days to slip back into the forest to rejuvinate ourselves. We’ll see you soon, and keep sending those problems for us to fix.

Episode 99: 99 Problems

A very special episode this week, as we fix 99 of your niggling problems LIVE, unrehearsed, rapid-fire, except when we go on a long digression about bums or something, with no notes or nothing, with too much to drink, with categorically the wrong equipment to attempt this, with severe technical issues, and more. Ladies. Gentlemen. May we present: 99 Problems.

Amazingly it gets to about 25 minutes in before it all breaks down completely. At one point, there was a small fire and we styled it the fuck out, because we’re professionals.

Live recording is hard at the best of times, let alone when you’re shitfaced in three different cities. As a result you may hear a loud bird, the odd bump, bang, scream, descent into madness, and, of course, the po-po.

Episode 97: Soup For One

Our listeners, you may surmise, can be delicate. Oh, they put on a brave face, but they get in a tizzy over all sorts. This week’s wants to navigate the tricky and previously unknown etiquette of how to pronounce “pho”. Is it “fuh”, “fur”, or “foe“? Whatever it is, if it’s between our tender listeners and a steaming bowl of soup you’d better believe we’re on the fucking case.

Episode 95: Little Lies

We’ve all got that friend or acquaintance who’s prone to exaggeration. Sometimes they’re prone to talking absolute nonsense, inventing stories out of who cloth. But when they’re a serial porky-teller, how do you tell when they are and aren’t telling the truth?

Episode 92: Work bitch

Our questioner’s workplace has all gone a bit Game of Thrones. No, not gratuitous nudity behind the photocopier, nor incest in the stationery cupboard - it’s political, and they are not.

How can a poor rube survive in an office rife with politics, back-stabbing, and intrigue?

Why, by asking us of course.

Apologies for the few seconds’ silence after the intro music on this week’s show. And by ‘apologies’, we mean ‘blame Roger’.

Episode 91: With a Little Help From My Friends

This week’s questioner has concerns dear listener, and they concern 90s primetime landfill sitcom Friends. That, and the youth. We hate both of those things, so we’re happy to help out.

Episode 90: Revolution Blues

Our questioner this week would like to upend the current state of things and bring joy and light to a dark world. But they also don’t really fancy leaving the house or engaging with any other human beings. How can we reconcile these two opposing and very valid desires?

Episode 88: People Like Us

Sometimes, the things you like stop being fun, whether by natural attrition, the increased interest of other people or, should we dare to admit it, by becoming bad or not having been any good in the first place. What are we to do when this happens? You’d better believe we’ve got some fixes for you, bucko.

Episode 87: Prime Retail

One forceful embuggerance of the modern age is the decline of the local shop, something this week’s questioner is abundantly sympathetic to. If only they’d not whinge about it. What to do, what to do?

Episode 83: Do It Yourself

This weeks’s questioner likes to Make Things, and despite the enjoyment they derive from this, their swearing and behaviour while doing so resembles that of a particularly sexually-aggressive chimpanzee. What, then, to do? Why, dear listener, to fix it.

Featuring a special guest: a very loud laptop fan!

Episode 82: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We’ve all watched enough holiday specials to know that you can make your own traditions, that family is where you find it, and not to touch any creek bodies you find - no matter how tempting - lest you get framed for an escalating series of brutal murders. This week’s questioner struggles with that first thing - specifically how to carry on a Christmas tradition without one of its participants.