Episode 99: 99 Problems

A very special episode this week, as we fix 99 of your niggling problems LIVE, unrehearsed, rapid-fire, except when we go on a long digression about bums or something, with no notes or nothing, with too much to drink, with categorically the wrong equipment to attempt this, with severe technical issues, and more. Ladies. Gentlemen. May we present: 99 Problems.

Amazingly it gets to about 25 minutes in before it all breaks down completely. At one point, there was a small fire and we styled it the fuck out, because we’re professionals.

Live recording is hard at the best of times, let alone when you’re shitfaced in three different cities. As a result you may hear a loud bird, the odd bump, bang, scream, descent into madness, and, of course, the po-po.