Episode 48: Selling Out

Our questioner is an creative type, and loses all interest in the act of creation as soon as the deed is done. They need our help to stop their creations from sitting, unloved and alone, on the shelves. They are asking us, dear listener, us, how to do a marketing.

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Episode 44: Three's Some Company

This week's questioner wants to expand their sexual horizons, and they're not too fussy whether that's multiple partners or in serial. Someone else is gettin' doinked is what we're saying here.

But how to do this and maintain the existing relationship? Is it possible to keep people from being hurt? And how exactly does one fit all this doinking into a busy modern life?

We will fix it.

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Episode 43: All The Rage

Our questioner suffers from occasional bouts of furious anger, and would like very much to keep them under control before they end up screaming, covered in kestrel blood on a roundabout. We'd like to avoid that too, so for you, dear listeners, and for the kestrels, we will fix it.

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Episode 40: Family Matters

This week's questioner has a testy relationship with their parents, and seeks our advice on how to deal with the dreaded filial responsibilities when they pop by for a visit. It's emotionally fraught, and that's before you even get to some very strong opinions about cake.

Episode 38 - Talk Talk

Our listener is presented with a dilemma - in order to effectively Do A Business, it is incumbent upon them to chat in a casual and carefree manner with colleagues. Alas, the vomiting blood and the fear sweats get in the way. What succour can we, as fixers, provide?

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Episode 35: Caring for the uncaring

Sooner or later, everybody dies. But some people have been real dicks along the way. This week, we look at the knotty problem of getting stiffed with end-of-life care for relatives you just don't like all that much. We ask who owes what to who (spoilers: nobody, nowt, nobody) and how you can either stay functional, or make your peace with walking away.

Podcast 34: Pickled crotch-fruit

Do you want children? No, of course not. But this week's questioner does, so how might we help them stay off the sauce for long enough to gestate? How do they ease out of a pub-centric social life, and give up alcohol for nine long, dull, dry months of maternity? How, in short, do they fire forth their crotch-fruit unpickled?