Getting The Most From Your Comics Show Time (and Money)

A small manifesto based on years of con-going, just in time for this weekend's NERD PROM Thought Bubble.

  1. Buy the things you can't get elsewhere. You can always get an Iron Man trade paperback. What you can't get, or even learn about, so easily are the myriad small press writers and artists. Find something new.
  2. Buy from the creators. This should be obvious, but if you've got the choice of buying a book from the person who made something or their publisher, GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THE PERSON WHO MADE IT.
  3. Browse, look around. When you're not in panels, or waiting with clammy hands to meet someone as they sign your book, look around and see what you can find.
  4. Take chances. If something looks cool, pick it up. If it still looks cool, buy it. You'll find more interesting things and broaden your reading if you look for new people.

Now get out there. Starving artists require your shekels, and you just might find something great in the process.