Episode 64: Bye Bye Baby

This week's questioner has a problem with the ol' internet dating. Specifically: what do you do when you're propositioned to bear the children of a friend of a friend behind their wife's back via OKCupid? Obviously everyone's been there, which is why this week's team of fixers have such good advice.

Episode 63: Meat is Murder

Back again with an intriguing mystery fixer (they themselves are the mystery, they do not fix mystery, though they could, if they chose to, which they do not). This week, our questioner has a particularly vegan family with some particularly annoying proselytisation. Our fixee would eat flesh, they would seek to end this via the medium of Facebook memes. Faced with this onslaught, can we fix it? But of course.

Some housekeeping

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Finally, say hi to Haunted Phonograph. We'll be carrying on old shows here and trying out new ideas with a bunch of people we found waiting at the bins at the back of a closing-down Budgens. It'll be a good time!

Episode 62: Sleep

Our questioner's significant other won't just go to sleep, and it's causing a strain on everything, from relationships to endocrine systems. With all sane solutions attempted and played out, where do you turn? Why, of course, to us.

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Episode 61: Mandatory Funtimes

The mandatory fun day at work. You know the one. Only the people in marketing like it, and even then only the ones with functional knees. What to do then, about this display of forced jollity and corporate bonhomie? What to do indeed?

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Episode 58: Sweet Charity

We all want to do our bit for charity, but there are so many worthy causes. How do you decide who gets your money? We have three very different methods to choose from.

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Episode 57: Nookie

This week's questioner fears for their friend, who is suffering some sadness from sowing their wild oats. What advise do we have for the serial shagger, the serial sex-doer, the carnal continuer? Let's find out!

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Episode 56: Travelin' Mam

This week's question is a British classic, involving as it does bureaucracy, extended family and social awkwardness. How to get a non-passport-having mum to Bulgaria in six months time without her finding out? Note: not a cover for human trafficking this time. We've learned our lesson.

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Episode 55: TV Party

We live in a golden age of TV, they say, their eyes glassy and peculiar, the faint buzzing of distant wasps carried on their flat, reedy voices. But it's true! Today's questioner struggles to fit all of these wonderful shows into their free time. Something has to give. But what? We will fix it.

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