Would you like to come to the pub?

We would. So we're going to one, and we'd like some people to come too. Join us at our comics meetup in Cambridge on Thursday 11th April.

It'll be quite informal, with people welcome to drop in and out as they please. There's no fixed agenda, though the vague topic up for discussion will be, "what's the best thing you've read so far this year?". Failing that, we'll probably just end up talking about what we've read recently. We're none of us experts, and everyone is welcome, from comics novices to those of you who have managed to microchip Alan Moore and are keeping tabs on his whereabouts remotely (please don't do that, though; it's weird).

The plan is to meet at the Live & Let Live on Mawson Road at 19.00, but if signups are overwhelming then we'll try to book a room somewhere (and will let you know in plenty of time!). There's no need to actually print and bring a ticket - signups are more for us to keep track of numbers than anything else.

But given all that, we would appreciate it if you'd let us know you're coming.

If this goes well, we're hoping to organise some more meetups around Cambridge in the coming months, and probably London and Brighton too.

Hope to see you there!