The First ConSequential Pub Meet Happened!

Last Thursday, I went to the pub. With Dave and Roger. Which wasn't really so different from a lot of other Thursday evenings, except this time we asked the comics fans of Cambridge to come and join us. Also, there were a couple of bags of mini Daim bars floating around, which doesn't usually happen (because they're basically crack in little red wrappers)*. We were pretty pleased with how it went - both in terms of turnout (including people we'd never met before - thanks guys!) and the general enthusiasm of everyone who attended when it came to Talking About Comics. Among other things, we discussed Chew, Prophet, Long John Silver ("that pirate thing"), Sandman Mystery Theatre, plus some old-timey stuff (there was an old edition of Little Orphan Annie comics floating around the table) and bande dessinée, including La Bête est Morte!. We didn't talk about Hawkeye, but might as well have done. Many people admired Swamp Thing.

It was absolutely lovely to meet new people from all over Cambridge with an interest in comics, and the evening positively flew by (aided by beer, of course). The plan now is to organise another meetup for the middle of May, and to see if we can put on some manner of talk. Watch this space for further details!


*Also, we went for a kebab afterwards.