ConSequential Pub Meet - Unsettling Comics, Thursday 29th August

Who doesn’t like a good scare? Realistically, people with nervous conditions. But everyone else loves it, so everyone else should come to the pub and talk about comics of the uncanny.  flyersmall

Adamtine, Interiorae, Black Hole, Ed the Happy Clown, Swamp Thing, everything by Chris Ware - there’s plenty of comics out there that unsettle and unnerve without straying into explicit horror.

Unsettling doesn’t need to mean scary. If Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman gives you warm and fluffy Christmas Eve feelings, you should look at out some of his other works, like When the Wind Blows, a slow-burn dark comedy about what happens when an elderly couple follow the actual “Protect and Survive” advice given by the UK government in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. If the little scarf on the ground gives you the sniffles, this will leave you weeping under the stairs.

So bring along the books that send a tingle up your spine, and we’ll talk about that and doubtless more besides. August 29th, 8 p.m. onwards, the Geldart pub, Cambridge.