ConSequential Cambridge Comics Meetup II - The Meetening

Beer It’s time to sit in a pub and talk comics again (well, it will be on the 23rd of May). Following on from last month’s discussion, this time around we're asking: What is your favourite comic of all time? With the application of alcohol and vigorous discussion, we can almost certainly narrow it down from our selection to find the one that is categorically best. It’s just science.

Like stand-up comedy in the 80s, talking about comics is better with props. Bring along your favourite (or anything you’re enthusiastic about). It’s all about sharing, and probably about berating people when tipsy.

We’ll be in the Geldart pub on Ainsworth Street (off Mill Road) from 8pm until later. The pub does food if anyone's got the hunger, and there’s parking nearby on Gwydir Street. If you want to register your interest, you can track the whole deal on Eventbrite - this is strictly optional though, feel free to just turn up.